APEX Management, Inc. has proudly served the Greater Pittsburgh Area for over 21 years. We take a unique approach when working with our customers. That is to create a working partnership with you so that the service we offer you is tailored and adapted to meet the goals and expectations you have for your building. The way this is done is through honest and open communication between your facilities managers and our management team. We recognize every building is different as far as its needs and its requirements. 

Our goal is to tailor our service to be exactly what you need. We put into practice redundant checking procedures that ensure nothing gets overlooked. Each worker is taught to check their own work for quality and completion of all cleaning tasks. Each building has a working supervisor that is in charge of the crew and the oversight of the work to be done in that building. This supervisor has a nightly detail list of all the particular cleaning and detailing tasks that are to be performed in the building for that night. They are responsible for checking that all the work is done up to our high cleaning standards. An on-site park supervisor is responsible for the coordination of all the building supervisors, and coordinates the overall cleaning timelines and tasks. An open communication line between the facilities manager, the tenants’ reps in each building and our supervisors is of the utmost importance. Communication logs are kept in each tenant’s space for tenant comments or special needs. This ensures that all needs are met and taken care of the same night that they are requested. When all these steps are taken and implemented, there are no reasons to ever have any major complaints or issues.

As the facilities manager, your time is valuable. You don’t want to waste time having to answer to unnecessary tenant complaints. Our job is to make your life easier… to make you look good. A “happy facilities manager” doesn’t need to be an oxymoron. It can be a reality.